Here is the perfect blueprint I followed to build my Instagram empire and gained up to 100K Free Instagram followers in few months.


1. Check Out Hashtag in your niche

like approximately 1,000 images those have preferred hashtag
Keep track of a hashtag in your area of interest to discover people who match your client. When performed on a regular basis, hashtag tracking won’t just get insiders info on marketplace trends and consistent data, but it will also familiarize you with those who are prone to know more about your venture by following you on Instagram.

Keep in mind, don’t place your hashtags in the description of your image itself. Placing them within the comment area instead will cover your set of key phrases after other people have added comments.

Sometimes people try to make their hashtags, which normally fails. In case your company does not have a large following, just use popular hashtags such as #tbt, #photooftheday, and #love to advertise your content.

use hashtags such as #f4f (follow for following) or #followme in comments of popular users

2. Promote an Instagram contest or freebies on regular Basis.

The contest is a method to get Instagram followers speaking about your business. Look for the #contest hashtag on Instagram, and you’ll get more than a longer list of millions of photos. Typical contest themes include utilizing a business’ solutions in a video or photograph or even attractively picking out an Instagram video that is effective as an advertisement.

Below are a few Quick contest ideas to run:

  • Offer a trial of your service or some freebies related to your business – Choose winner who is more engaged, ask them to spread this love.
  • Theme Photos: fans stick to a theme you choose and submit pictures according to that theme — you choose a winner
  • Re-post: Your Fans re-post your pics on their Instagram accounts.

3. Post to Instagram regularly

Nothing to say more on this but it is essential to publish a regular post and stay engaged with your followers. You can automatically schedule your posts to Instagram from your mobile device or desktop using various free/paid online services. Drop a comment if you need some reliable service for this.

4. Know Your Instagram Followers – Post Contents They Like

The most effective step to get more followers on Instagram is to produce the quality content/media. This way you will be get noticed amongst your all followers. Find what your visitors like to see on Instagram or what themes or templates attracts them, and fill your account with appropriate photos.

A great way to uncover what your Instagram followers like is by investigating what your competitors are posting, or what type of symbolism is employed in the websites or blogs those are popular in your marketplace. Usually, there are types of images those work effectively with most sectors, though; images with motivational or funny quotes, quality food images, or panoramic photos are safe choices in most cases.

Instagram visitors enjoy high-quality posts.To avoid lowering your brand impression, it’s essential to only publish high-quality, beneficial content.

instagram followers

5. Follow Others In Your Circle

In one of the earlier discussions, we mentioned that the main factor of content marketing is to replicate others. With regards to Instagram advertising, it is not different. With the appropriate resources, we can copy the good results, down to the users, another business has had. To be able to do this, we discovered this extremely powerful software called “Crowdfire.” Crowdfire lets you observe who follows an exact brand and then follow these people. It also enables you to unfollow anyone who has not followed you back.

Exactly why this tool is so beneficial is that it lets you obtain massive groups of users who would be possibly interested in your business model.

A crucial note on following users on Instagram (and other social networking sites also) is never overdoing it. We’re experiencing a lot of people following tens, at times hundreds of thousands of users on Instagram or Twitter.

6. Build Relationship With Popular Users:

Social networking could work like a charm, not just in the real world, but also in the social media world. You will find accounts on Instagram those will perform a “share for a share,” permitting your posts to appear on some other pages if you follow the same. Perform a fast search for these web pages in your niche, and you will find some in no time.

As we started out, we got introduced to such network of business owners, all with accounts of over 20,000+ followers. These people served us away hugely by sharing our contents, and you will find similar networks for all those types of market sectors with users who’re ready to assist, as long as you give back the favor, of course!

You won’t follow any accounts which simply generate contents without any engagement with other people.Spend some time to concentrate on the social part of social networking, and I assure you’ll notice remarkable outcomes.

7. Look For Instagram Shoutouts

Ultimately, we invested hundred dollars for shoutouts from other popular seller accounts from Instagram to test out our progress. For this, Check out well-known accounts those are related to your discipline, contact them to see if they’ll be willing to accept Instagram shoutout in your case, and how much they may charge you for this.

When you’re just starting, it’s a little overwhelming to ask some other users to do a shoutout that suits your needs. However, the gains outnumber the expenses. While doing this make sure your choosing a right account with massive followers.

If someone picking an account according to real Instagram followers and their concept or audience doesn’t meet your needs, then all you’ve achieved is a waste of time and money, as there’s absolutely no guarantee that such shoutouts are going to benefit you.

There are many resources from where you can buy some shoutouts as per your requirement. Just search for your query and a good list of websites will pop up but I recommend you to go through some forum sale thread where you can see the real reviews for the said service. Go ahead and try it out.

8. Promote Instagram media on alternative social media networks

Educate your groups and clients about your commercial Instagram account. Spread same info on your other social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Embed Instagram photos on your blog and let visitors share them across social networks of their choice. If you can connect them together, then do so. Include a widget that provides customers a flavor of the account and ask them to follow your account with a tap or click.

Allow your email subscribers to be aware of your Instagram accounts and get them to follow you. Mailing an eye-catching freebie would result in more conversions.

9. GEOTAG Whenever You Share.

Geotagging your media suggests you tag it with a Geolocation you wish to share.Uploading an image of cool place or city you lately visited? Geotag it! This way, people who used a similar geotag can easily see your video / photo and possibly follow you as you now have a lot similarity.

10. Throw meaningful comments

Liking other people’s share is a plus, but placing meaningful comments could be a lot better. While you communicate with people’s share, they’ll become more likely to interact with you and to wish to know more about you. Never ask the user to follow you! Rather, make a comment saying what you like regarding their video / photo; this makes your comment stand above all the feedback and common likes.

It’s essential that you react to comments and describes how your images are received.Simply be genuine while interacting with your Instagram followers.

11. Use Automation Software /Services (Not recommended)

This is last but optional step you can take to grow your circle. There are plenty of paid/free tools and service which can increase your amount of free Instagram followers in no time. However, the followers you get are less active or inactive accounts. As far as you are happy with your followers’ count, this is the best fast way to grow. This method has its own advantage even if you are getting inactive followers. Some users always influenced by the quantity of your followers and willing to be a part of huge fan background. Try it. I usually follow this method when I put my new account in action.