How To Save Photos From Instagram Effectively

Instagram is an online photo studio. Instagram held the millions of photos those can be accessed very easily. Therefore, many followers are attracted by some particular photos, and then try to download them.With the concept of application programming interfaces, Instagram does not allow application developers to download photos which are uploaded to their server. However, it does not mean, the photos on Instagram can not be downloaded.

How To Download Instagram Photos:

For those, all of you who want to download the photos from Instagram, perform following five steps, commonly carried out by the “instagramers.”


  • Download application “Insta download” in the form of video and photo. You can download it for free. Use the Instagram app for Android which can be obtained from PlayStore. The latest Instagram app provides flexibility for users to copy the URL of your photos and videos. However, you can choose the feature to copy and share URL.
  • Open the application “Insta Download.” Paste the copied URL of the photo in the field and the application will find that image automatically.
  • Select Save Image. By selecting save a picture, you can rename the images which are downloaded. Afterward, navigate to click download. Simple as that.

If you want to save the video, follow the same steps above.

5 Quick Steps To Download Photos and Video from Instagram

In addition to the steps above, there are also other ways of downloading photos and videos from Instagram faster. This method also allows you to skip the account limits have privacy codes. Some of the steps are as follows.

If you want to download videos and images in a way that is much easier, you just download the app “Instagram + .” Also, you can choose “OGInsta .” OGInsta can be downloaded at the site

Now If you choose Instagram +, then you have to uninstall the Instagram official application from your Android devices. If you choose OGInsta, it is not necessary. Indirectly, it can be said OGInsta is more sophisticated and accommodating than Instagram +.

If you choose OGInsta, then you just do it on your Android OGInsta installation. Use the ‘APK,’ then on the mobile security settings tick mark ‘unknown sources.’

After a successful installation, you just need to log in as usual to Instagram account.

After a successful log in again, you will see the screen instagrammu , exactly same as the original Instagram. Well, now you can click on the ‘three points’ at the bottom of the photo to be downloaded. Already, that’s all.

More Ways To Save photos in Instagram

In addition to the two storage methods from the Instagram photo above, there are three other common methods of saving Instagram photos.

  1. Do a screen capture or screenshot from your smartphones. After making the capture or screen shot of this, you should do a ‘crop’ on the part other than the image that you captured. In short, you should clean Instagram background of photos to be taken. The weakness of this method is a photograph obtained does not look very attractive and no longer natural, having been through the process cropping.
  2. Through the help of ‘Instagram online viewer.’ Instagram online viewer is the assistance of a third party. For this online viewer, you need to have huge Internet data capacity.
  3. With the help of browsers like UC Browser and Opera Mini. This is the most profitable way than the previous two ways.

After reading some tips to download a photo from Instagram, at least you’re beginning to understand that Instagram indeed has their tricks. Now, you can save any picture you like from Instagram. Good luck to you.